Specialists in caring for glaucoma patients

The Glaucoma Institute of Austin is the only specialty clinic of its kind in Central Texas. By focusing primarily on glaucoma, we are able to provide the best eye care available to patients with glaucoma as well as those at risk of developing the disease.

Our office is staffed by Board Certified, fellowship trained Ophthalmologists who provide ongoing care for glaucoma patients, along with glaucoma screening exams, second opinions, and diagnostic and therapeutic consults and evaluations. Our highly trained physicians and employees provide glaucoma and ophthalmology services in a caring environment with an emphasis on patient health and education.

In addition to our main Austin location, patient care is also provided in Temple, San Marcos, Kyle, Marble Falls, and Dripping Springs.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare supplements, and most insurance plans. If you have any questions, please call our office at (512) 452-8467 or toll free at (866) 738-8467.

NOTE: Please do not email the Glaucoma Institute of Austin or our physicians if you have a medical problem. Call for an appointment.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases with common features including eye pressure too high for the health of the eye, damage to the optic nerve, and loss of sight.

Eye Exams & Testing

Glaucoma screening should be part of your regular eye exams. Everyone should have a thorough glaucoma exam around the age of 40, then every 2-4 years afterward.

Treating Glaucoma

Advanced medical, laser, and surgical interventions are available, with on-site lasers and a minor procedure suite for added patient convenience.

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